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Thermal conductive adhesive is based on epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, reactive organic silicone oil as the main basepolymer, add thermal conductive materials and other additives, then mix uniformly. It has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation performance. Widely used in electronic/electrical units, can provides super heat transferring, guarantee electronic/electrical products stable during uset, improves the using performance and life of the product.

Bestry Spherical Alumina powder has superior properties, such as high spherical ratio, high thermal conductivity, high filling loading, high flowability, narrow particle size distribution, particle uniformity. As the heat conduction glue filling agent, it can significantly improve the thermal conductivity of the mixture, reduce the coefficient of expansion, increase adhesive strength after curing; Spherical shape is helpful for powder dispersion and sliding in the system and form a tightly contact, obtain high filling loading, low viscosity, high thermal conductivity mixture; At the same time, it can greatly reduce abrasion on machine, prolong the service life of equipment.